We are competent and experienced to advice companies concerning an entire Personnel Management consisting of the external search for and selection of managerial staff in the domestic market and abroad, as well as with regard to a search for competent young executives.

We fulfil your personnel requirements contemporaryly and in accordance with definite Quality Standards.

The following service components are the basis for a successful search for qualified staff:
Decades of contacts with specialized and managerial staff in the domestic market and abroad.
Intensive insider-knowledge within the logistics and transport industry.
New contacts to potential candidates by an executive search and telephone marketing.
Advertisements in newspapers, journals, etc.
Job advertisements on the P.C.S. homepage www.pcstaudt.de.

Merger and Acquisitions of companies, Shareholdings, Succession agreements, Cooperations of companies:
In case of a change of the company policy, the personnel is playing a key role as a human factor. Normally, tax advicers, auditors as well as bankers are involved. P.C.S. offers to participate and with concentration on the practical valuation. Also with regard to the valuation of a company by taking into consideration the actual special facts of the logistics and transport business.

The following service components are the basis for a successful treatment of a consultation order:
Which customer relations are available?
Which connections to agents are existing and can these be maintained?
Who is controlling the business?
Who is the decision maker for transport orders?
Which influences can be caused by an alteration of the staff?

We would appreciate to inform you personally about further details in the different fields of our service. Please just contact us.

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